■I simply wrote about my journey!

 I was born as the grandson of my grandfather (Hojo), who was the chief priest of a temple in Niigata Prefecture.

His father didn't want to become a head priest in the countryside, so he moved to Miyagi Prefecture.

Therefore, the chief priest, Ohachi, came to me and I lived with my grandfather and grandmother until I was in the fourth grade of elementary school.

My grandfather entrusted me with various things.

①, Iron needle vacuum tube phonograph and many SP versions

②, Alarm clock

③, SONY vacuum tube tape recorder

④, Camera and flash



  was given.   ③ and ④ must not be destroyed.

  Lessons include ``Ikebana'', ``Tea ceremony'', ``Dancing'', ``Singing'', ``Calligraphy'', and of course ``Sutra''.

  However, later my grandfather decided that I was not suitable for the chief priest position because I could do many things, so he took on a disciple.


After that, his father bought a house in Miyagi Prefecture, so we moved to Miyagi Prefecture when I was in the 5th grade of elementary school.

From here, our family of six (two boys and two girls) lives, with both parents working and coming home around 10pm, only on Sundays.

It was the job of brothers and sisters to maintain the house.

The four brothers lived in a bit of poverty, delivering newspapers (in elementary and middle school) and doing boarding procedures at Sendai Airport (in high school).

I helped the family finances while working part-time.


When I was in high school, I enjoyed my high school life by doing whatever I wanted in the physics club, amateur radio, electronic work (optical communications, synthesizers, etc.), astronomical observation, playing with the Z80 CPU, and attending training camps.

I am a high school graduate who loves radio waves, electricity, and is obsessed with the wonders of digital.

I took the entrance exam for Yamagata University's Faculty of Engineering, but failed, and then got a job at the Electric Power Corporation, which I had passed.


I chose the Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation because I wanted to be involved in wireless communications.


During the interview, I was asked, ``What is the most important thing in doing things for you?''

I said, "It's about relationships."

I don't know if that's the case, but at the time, I was assigned to the Telegraph Bureau, which had a strong union and many radical people.

At that time, the student movement was intense and the workplace was in disrepair.

I think I did my best without getting influenced.

The reason I was able to work so hard was because there were 3 people from my same year, 4 from my senior year, and 6 from the following year who were mid-career.

The power relationship gradually changed to the level of the common people.


I've been here for seven years. I mainly walk for delivery work, then bicycle, then Honda Cub,

A 125cc motorcycle and a light car.

After that, I became an office worker. My dream was to work at a controlled radio relay station, but it wasn't until my 7th year with the company that I got into radio communications work.

It was a ship telegram.  


To change the topic, the things that had a big influence on my words and actions were my hobbies, the books I read, and the people I met.

Books and comments by Dai Ibuka, 10th Dan Mifune, Toshihiro Kaiwa, Soichiro Honda, Akio Morita,

Reverend Konosuke Matsushita, Mr. Dogen (Shobogenzo), Mr. Tsune Shindo,... .. .. .. is.




I have been helped by women at work and in various other situations.

That's why I love women.


Born in Niigata Prefecture, he was a boy who loved skiing.



"Amateur radio station (a one-man station that has been operating amateur radio services in accordance with the Radio Law since 1975)".

This is my favorite radio. I got it when I was 19 years old.



Although he is moderately athletic (100m, 12.9 seconds), he overdoes it and has many breakdowns.

Sports include judo, amateur radio "national test (mobile operation)", skiing, table tennis, karaoke, 9-person volleyball

I have played ball, swimming, 400m track and field, and many other things.

Currently I'm swimming and cycling.


When I was 24 years old, I borrowed an NEC PC-8801 from a senior and discovered N88BASIC.


In the latter half of my 7th year, I was asked to transfer, and although I started out in the machinery department, I ended up working at the Sendai Toll Calculation Center.

It was here that I encountered NEC's large-scale computer for the first time. This is a trade-in item from the Osaka Expo.

 Next, he was assigned to an in-house program development department (Tohoku General Branch Office Modernization Office Center), and the following year he was appointed as an outside professional.

After that, I was transferred to the department that develops systems in Tohoku, where I was promoted and worked on various systems and

After working as a system engineer (SE), I became a system sales manager.

He finally decided to go to Tokyo due to the company's spin-off.

In Tokyo, I worked as a university accounting system and infrastructure chief (center design and network design).

It has been about 20 years since he came to the Kanto region, and around 2015, his body began to change and he took several long vacations while working there.

That's when I came across Konosuke Matsushita's ``Open the Way.''

I retyped most of it in my own way using a word processor.


His last assignment was designing a monthly system for fixed assets.


The reason why so many people I respect are managers is because our work in computer system development is not part of management.

It's about rationalization.

If business owners don't learn what to think, business will decline.

However, once we receive an order, it is also a major condition that we create a system that is easy to use for end users.

The customers of Matsushita Electric Industrial and Sony are ordinary people, but our customers are executives.

If it weren't for the delays in the line schedule in Tokyo, I think I would have had a fun and enjoyable job.


■ Large and small system development, language, network, and center design

01:MT management (N88BASIC)

02: Accounting data output (DIPS-COBOL)

03: Accounting counter system (DT-COBOL)

04: Company housing management system (Sis-L)

05: Yuyu System (CAD3)

06: D70 exchange program (chill)


:TOMAS (3270 procedure, ISDN-D channel)

08: Balance check before accounting sending (Latis-C)

09: Work schedule management maintenance (COBOL2)

10: Information guidance system maintenance (COBOL2)

11: TIS maintenance (HITAC (UNIX), HITAC-C)

12: Purchasing program (OS2, Latis-C)

13: Sales aggregation system (HP-COBOL, HP-C, Latis-C)

: Sales aggregation system center design and implementation (Oki server, 2 routers (ISDN-B channel ☓4))

14: Defective fiber suspension release system (ASP)

  : Establishment of defective fiber hold release system center (Windows NT, Fireall, VPN)

15: NAOS failure management system (PHP, Access-VBA)

16: Emergency line allocation system (UNIX, PHP)

17: University accounting system (LINUX, PostgreSQL, Apache, PHP)

18: University comprehensive system

(Center design (fire all design, load balancer design,

     Server design, terminal design, NW design, power design)

(LINUX/Oracle/PHP/WindowsXP/Access-VBA configuration design)

19: Bookstore NW design (development environment)

20: NGN outline design (change NW payment method to center payment method)

21: Fixed asset monthly management system design


*The reason I didn't fail in system development was because I continued to carry out the tasks I was given in training.


I'm commonly known as ``Youtube (S Tusi),'' an average guy obsessed with waves.

The range of waves is from playing in the waves in the bath (1Hz) to light (1THz).


I was often told this by the manager.

It's easier to talk to Tsui (nickname) when he's drunk, and things go smoothly ^^;



My way (not yet!)






1. Calligraphy class in town, 1st dan calligraphy.

2. Abacus class in town, 4th grade abacus.

3. Kodokan Judo, 1st Dan.

4. Telegraph and telephone grade amateur radio operator (this is the only national exam for amateurs).

5.It was a motorcycle, 125CC.

6. I had a regular driver's license and a manual car.

7. Japan Ski Federation, 1st class.

8. Information processing test, type 2 (national test).

9. Construction industry permit, Tokyo permit (Special-9). (This is an accumulation of achievements).